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What we do

What we Do

We firmly believe that the two best investments made in Christian missions is that of training indigenous pastors and Christian workers, and taking the gospel where it has never been heard. Therefore my ministry has focused on those two endeavors leading me to establish Bible Training Centers in approximately 20 different nations (some within countries considered to be "restricted access" or "hostile" toward Christian activity), and until recently we raised funding to help build elementary schools in exchange for the right to evangelize in a closed country taking the gospel where it had never been heard.

Indigenous workers best understand the cultural mindset of their fellow countrymen and the hindrances that keep them from embracing the gospel. When they are trained and equipped with the Word of God they multiply themselves over and over again, thus multiplying the effectiveness of our mission investment. Therefore, the ministries we work with have a strong commitment to training indigenous pastors and Christian workers.

Within the 10/40 window and beyond, we are finding that many who feel called to the work of the ministry have no organized training available to them; either due to financial or denominational limitations. We seek to offer training across denomination lines; at no or very nominal cost to the students. We have teachers, curriculum, and numerous opportunities where the need is great. It is only the lack of financial resources that hinders us from furthering our Bible Training Center programs. By investing in the training of an indigenous leader you can truly make a difference in God's Kingdom, and perhaps help change the course of a nation.

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